Classroom Display Boards: The Pros and Cons

Classroom Display Boards: The Pros and Cons

Classroom displays are a wonderful way to liven up a classroom, allowing you to display children’s work for everyone to see. Classroom display boards have been an integral part of schools for many years, allowing teachers to create a creative, encouraging classroom environment. However, classroom display boards also have their drawbacks – from being too distracting to creating confusion among students. The following infographic explores the pros and cons of classroom display boards, helping to establish whether or not they could be of use in your classroom.

The Different Types of Display Boards

Display boards can be categorized into several different types, including:

  • Child Created Bulletin Boards
  • Decorative Bulletin Boards
  • Conceptual Bulletin Boards
  • Interactive Bulletin Boards

The type of bulletin board you choose can depend on a variety of different factors, including the age of the children and the primary subject taught in a classroom.

The Pros and Cons of Classroom Display Boards  

If you’re considering installing some display boards in your classroom, you might be interested to learn about the pros and cons.

Classroom display boards are a great way to get your students engaged, excited and working together, helping to maximise learning and personal skills. Additionally, display boards are a great learning implement for children who are visual learners, as it helps them to visualise exactly what is being told to them. Finally, one of the greatest advantages of classroom display boards is that students will begin to take even greater pride over their work with the incentive of having it displayed for all to see.

However, displaying work on the wall can leave some children feeling as though they’re not as good as other students, potentially knocking their confidence. Equally, students might get distracted by the boards around the room, leading them to fall behind in certain lessons. This is also the case if the classroom display board appears cluttered and can also lead to confusion among students.

Overall, classroom display boards can make an excellent addition to any classroom. Not only do they encourage visual learning and interactive lessons, but they also help children to develop their personal skills and harness their creativity.

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