Display Boards for Schools

Our work boards are an amazing resource that promote increased student engagement in the classroom.

Our display boards for schools are the perfect way to provide a fun, interactive teaching experience for school children. Each of our school display boards combines a display zone for displaying children’s work, as well as a whiteboard and whiteboard pens for interactive lessons.

Our school display boards are perfect for helping to support student presentations and group discussions as well as much, much more. Not only are the display boards and whiteboards ideal for use in classrooms, but they’re also great for universities, colleges and nurseries.

Our printed backgrounds mean that you can tailor your school display boards to your individual organisation. Alternatively, we also offer bespoke design service  to really bring your vision to life.

The acrylic construction and acrylic pockets are incredibly durable while still looking incredible contemporary and elegant. You can even get your hands on extra display pockets for our display boards for schools which can be used with all the inflows range

If you’d like any further assistance with our range of school display boards, please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to help.

Display Boards for Schools

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