A Solid Reputation

Leisure centre display boards


Inflows are designed and made in the UK by The Media Collective, specialists in design and brand for the education sector with a long history of delivering excellent creative solutions. Set up in response to requests for an alternative to the traditional school display board Inflows have been helping schools across the country for many years to improve the way that they present and work. 


A Reliable Service

The fact that we control the entire process from design to manufacture, providing installation if required, allows us to ensure that every order achieves our high standards. Our commitment to delivering the very best design and service is what keeps our customers coming back to us. Our experienced team will ensure that your new display board can be presenting your content as soon as possible:


A Depth of Knowledge

As well as supplying the education sector we have designed and delivered inflow display boards for business, hospitality and health sectors and have a wealth of experience designing bespoke solutions that solve the needs of our customers.  

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