Why choose an inflow?

Inflow display systems are the perfect solution to creating a flexible but highly presentable display in your school or academy.  

Made from flame polished acrylic, each board comes with your school brand applied, or the option to print a custom background.  Because you can change the content in each pocket as you need to the uses for our Inflow boards are almost unlimited, including:

  • Photo displays
  • Student work
  • Brainstorming zone
  • Themed displays
  • Staff noticeboard
  • Ofsted presentations
  • SLT presentations

Easy to update

See how easy it is to swap content within any of our inflow boards.  One minute it's a photo display, the next, you've added pages that transforms it into a presentation to your staff, visitors or even ofsted.  Change it as often as you need, or increase student engagement and use an inflow to be the centre of a brainstorming session.


High Quality

Our inflow boards are designed and made in the UK from the highest quality materials.  We handle the design, print and production ourselves so we can ensure that quality remains extremely high.  It also allows us to be flexible and offer your school branding on each board at no extra cost.


Hidden fixings 

Our medium and large inflow boards can be supplied with a choice of our standard barrel fixings or a hidden fixing system that is quick to install and will give your inflow a sleek, uncluttered look.  Check out our fixing guide for more information on each option.