Be inspired

Our inflows can be used for such a wide variety of notice boards and displays why not get some inspiration from how some of our customers are using them. This gallery features a combination of standard and bespoke inflows.


Kingsbury Leisure Centre

Use: Notice boards

Leisure centre notice board

The new inflow boards are designed to help visitors quickly navigate to the information that they need. Features: Inflow 45-10 Premium with bespoke flat-cut lettering above.

Lutterworth High School

Use: House display boards

House display boards

Working closely with the business manager, we designed and manufactured a set of bespoke inflow boards for display in the school hall to promote the houses.

Coleshill Primary School

Use: Staff display

School staff display board - square

Coleshill Primary didn't have a lot of space in their entrance area so we designed several smaller staff boards to suit what they had. Similar: Inflow 24 Pocket Premium 

Kingsthorpe College

Use: School data monitoring

School display board - Ofsted data

One of a set of four display boards that were installed in the conference room to display school data to the SLT and visiting Ofsted teams. SimilarInflow 34-18 Premium

Kingsthorpe College

Use: British values

British values display board

This was installed as a set of four boards that were loaded with information about British values. The generic title allows other future uses. Features: Inflow 45-10 Premium

Deanery Primary School

Use: Student work

Student gallery notice board

The school wanted to promote their students' work in their entrance area and our flexibleInflow 34-12 Premium boards were the perfect solution.

Dorcan Academy

Use: Head students and achievements

Head boy notice board

The Dorcan Academy have utilised our inflows to show their student successes. Similar: Inflow 45-22 Premium (centre) with bespoke inflows either side.

Hathaway Academy

Use: Rewards

Rewards display board

A bespoke inflow board to help students engage with the new rewards scheme. The board features a mix of permanent and flexible content zones.

Hathaway Academy

Use: School values

School values notice board

We designed a set of custom notice boards for the school to display information, student rewards and other information relating to each of their school values.

The Coleshill School

Use: Leadership team

Leadership team board

A bespoke inflow board was created to suit a long, thin space above a radiator. The school are able to easily keep it up to date with new printed inserts.

Royal London Hospital

Use: Unknown

Hospital notice board

We aren't exactly sure what the hospital are using their inflow for but we know it will be awesome! Features: Inflow 45-10 Premium.

Lyndon Green Primary School

Use: Staff boards

Staff display board - etch vinyl

The school had some bespoke inflow boards as part of a larger project to rejuvenate areas of their building. Backed in etch vinyl.

Catapult Energy

Use: Office notice boards

Office notice board - updatable

These bespoke office notice boards feature printed coloured boxes on the backboard so that they never look empty. 

Kingsbury Academy

Use: Student leaders

Student leaders display

A staff board has been used to present the various student leaders within the school. Features: Inflow 50 Pocket Staff Board

Chivenor Primary School

Use: Reward display

School rewards display board

A unique inflow was designed for the management of the school rewards scheme. Flat-cut lettering enhances the final result.

Chivenor Primary School

Use: Various

School display boards

A series of inflows were designed in to reflect the school brand. The boards have been in constant use since installation in 2015.

Perry Wood School

Use: House points

School house point display board

A brilliant example of what can be done with our Premium range boards. This display is is an: Inflow 44-8 Premium.


Reels Restaurant

Use: Menu boards

Restaurant menu board - updatable

This bespoke inflow board features a hinged front panel that hides the display pockets for a more secure result.