The Premium Range

Premium inflow

The Premium Range

Our Premium range of inflows are manufactured from a single sheet of high quality clear acrylic. We work with you to design and print a full colour background that can include your school logo, titles and other information. Because this gets applied to the rear of the board it is completely protected and looks incredible behind the glossy finish of the clear acrylic.

The board is then populated with your choice of clear acrylic display pockets before being carefully packed and delivered to you. All you have to do is hang it up (we can do this too if you need us to) and start using it.


Premium Range Features:

  • Custom design – create a personlised noticeboard 
  • Optional protective cover – add some extra security to your board for high traffc areas
  • No visible fixings – complete the minimalist look with a hidden fixing system
  • Attractive display pockets – add content quickly with no messy pins, blu-tack or staples
  • Acrylic construction – gives an elegant, contemporary look and is extremely durable.
  • Premium fixings – comes with satin metal barrel fixings as standard for a quality finish
  • Attractive display grid – the display pockets are arranged to give you the maximum display space and keep everything perfectly aligned. 

  • Hand made for you – every board is made to order in the UK by The Media Collective

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